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Le notti bianche

The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody’d move, nobody’d be different. The only thing that would be different would be you. Not that you’d be so much older or anything. It wouldn’t be that, exactly. You’d just be different, that’s all.

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"Shrouded within the park of Villa Demidoff (just north of Florence, Italy), there sits a gigantic 16th century sculpture known as Colosso dell’Appennino, or the Appennine Colossus. The brooding structure was first erected in 1580 by Italian sculptor Giambologna. Like a guardian of the pond in front of him, the giant is in an endless watchful pose, perched atop his earthy seat.”


over the hills and far away, a misty mountain hop. photos by michal karckz



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༺ Can You Handle a Twisted Fairy Tale? ༻

"I nod my head, say, Girls are so dirty
but I leave my used panties on the floor for days.
Have to fish out clumps of my hair from the shower drain,
wipe toothpaste from the faucet, clean period blood
from my sheets, leave my hair unwashed for a week,
sleep in my mascara and eyeliner. I pick at my acne
because my hands don’t know how to do anything
except destroy. The same boys stay hanging up
in my closet, snapshots of their mouths decorating
my nightstand the color of bruise. I practice saying
I love you into my palm and clench it tight
so it can’t escape. Forget it. No one asks if you’re okay.
No one wants a real answer. I make myself pretty
for boys I don’t even know how to talk to. I take them home.
Show them how to use the shower, the coffee pot.
Let them undress me in the dark. In the morning
I find wedding rings in their pockets."

Kristina Haynes, “Hypocrite” (via fleurishes)

"Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting."

Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Note-Books, 1838 (via blue-burn)


ive never seen anything prettier than the ocean at dawn 

  • x: se un ragazzo ti tocca le tette tu cosa fai?
  • y: gli chiedo dove le ha trovate.




Virginia Woolf, The Waves


Paintings by Jeremy Mann